Mobile App

With the MyAARPMedicare application, an individual who benefits from an AARP supplemental plan guaranteed by AARP United Healthcare can:

  • Review the report of benefits for the current and past health care plans.
    Keep track of when and how complaints were examined.
  • Confirm the amount of the premium mortgage for the next month and view the history of previous installments.
  • Contact a customer service spokesperson easily with the immediate appointment at the MyAARPMedicare Login portal.

The AARP United Healthcare Supplemental Health Insurance Plan mobile app is available for free on the Apple App Store and on the google play store for all the smartphone individuals. Plan members must be enrolled with to view the account data through the application itself.

This new mobile app will help people enrolled in an AARP Medicare supplement plan provided by UnitedHealthcare in a convenient and easy way to manage health plan information, whether at home or on the go. Having health insurance information on hand is another example of how we listen to our members and enable them to improve their health and well-being.”

Those enrolled in UnitedHealthcare’s AARP hospital health insurance plans, including supplemental protection plans for hospitals, can also use the app.

The app is not available to anyone with AARP MedicareComplete Medicare Advantage plans or AARP MedicareRx plans insured by UnitedHealthcare.

All About AARP

AARP is an impartial, nonprofit company with nearly 38 million members that assists individuals to turn their goals and dreams into some of the real opportunities, empower alliances, and fight for the problems that mean most to the families.

Health, work, and income security, old-age advantages, affordable public co-operations, and protection against economic abuse. We serve the interests of those in the specific marketplace, select high-quality commodities and services that bear the MyAARPMedicare name, and support our members receive discounts on a wide range of goods, travel, and services.